Areas of expertise

The Galloman Translation and Interpreting Agency translates texts involving very distinct, specialized areas of business in every combination of Hungarian, French, and English. Our professional translation practice mainly covers the following areas:

  • LEGAL &

The types of texts we translate are also widely diverse. We translate in the following fields in order to guarantee that our clients receive successful multilingual communication:

Financial statements and reports, annual reports, company materials, online and offline marketing materials, company brochures, press releases, PR materials, websites, newsletters, e-learning materials and webinars, image films

Contracts, articles of association, company registration documents, corporate documentation
litigation documents, GDPR

Technical specifications, operating manuals, product and project documentation, power plant documentation, agreements, localization of software and applications

Medical equipment specifications, technical sheets for pharmaceuticals, certificates of pharmaceutical product, patient package leaflets, medicine information leaflets, healthcare product catalogues

Books, screenplays, video and film soundtracks, touristic and gastronomic documents…and everything else, from the imaginable to the unimaginable, giving us the opportunity to improve and grow into new areas of business

Sometimes people ask, “Why do you work only in French, English, and Hungarian? ”

Unlike other agencies, we do not look to broaden our scope to as many languages as possible. Instead, we believe that the key to providing high-quality service is to work in those languages that we ourselves have mastered.


the foundation of good quality

The recipe for quality has three components: the translator, the proofreader and the agency’s knowledge management.


The Translator

Our translators, who are fully qualified and have excellent language skills, have all lived in France for some time and have gained educational and/or employment experience there. Our service is high-quality because it is built not just on language skills, but on cultural knowledge as well—within each specific area.


The Proofreader

Proofreading is an essential part of the translation process. In every case, our translated texts are subjected to both technical and linguistic proofreading for quality assurance. Thus, we ensure the appropriate use of terminology in line with the specific area in question as well as high syntactic accuracy.
Anyone who has seen a translation that was done hastily, without being read through, knows that the “cheap” solution all too often proves to be the most costly.


Knowledge Support

Modern CAT (computer assisted translation) tools provide great support for knowledge sharing and quality assurance, the advantage of which is that, regardless of who the translator is, we can ensure that the texts are uniformly translated, and that the terminology is consistent and tailored to the customer’s needs. Our translated texts are delivered with the help of the latest version of the memoQ translation software. MemoQ is complemented by the use of various other IT tools and systems, such as our own project administration software and high-end optical character recognition (OCR) tools which help us to handle PDF documents and scanned texts with more speed and accuracy.


Fees for translation can vary depending on the specific technical fields and languages, but some general pricing rules should be kept in mind.
The advantage of “translation memories” is that the fee that is calculated for translations may gradually fall in the long term, and it typically does. This is our way of rewarding our customers’ loyalty. It should also be noted that most agencies charge additional fees (for example, an emergency rate). Insofar as it is possible to meet urgent deadlines, we will do so, and at no extra cost.

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