Galloman has been operating for more than 10 years in the Hungarian and international market,
with headquarters in Budapest.

Primarily specializing in French and relying on our translation team of about 50 people,
we provide personalized translation and interpretation services in French, English, and Hungarian for our client companies,
both small and large, based in Budapest and abroad.

 Our translation practice covers primarily the fields of Business & Finance, Legal & Administration, Technology & Engineering and Life Sciences
in any combination of these three languages: French, English, and Hungarian.


The types of texts we translate are also widely diverse.

We contribute to our clients’ successful multilingual communications

by translating  the following types of texts:


Financial statements and reports, annual reports, company materials, online and offline marketing materials, company brochures, press releases, PR materials, websites, newsletters, e-learning materials and webinars, image films, video and film soundtracks, screenplays


Contracts, articles of association, company registration documents, corporate documentation
litigation documents, GDPR


Technical specifications, operating manuals, product and project documentation, power plant documentation, agreements, localization of software and applications


Medical equipment specifications, technical sheets for pharmaceuticals, certificates of pharmaceutical product, patient package leaflets, medicine information leaflets, healthcare product catalogues

The quality of our translations is guaranteed by the fact that:


We work in those languages ​​in which we are confident,
i.e. French, English and Hungarian.


The competencies of our translators and interpreters combine professional knowledge with linguistic skills.


In each instance, our translated texts are subjected to both professional and linguistic proofreading for quality assurance.

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Our translated texts are delivered with the help of the latest version of the memoQ translation software, with which we can create an individual translation memory for each of our clients, which in turn gives numerious benefits if there are subsequent requests for translation.

Some of our partners who have chosen us:

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The translation fee may vary depending on the language pairs, we can give you an offer based on the specific text sent to us.
Starting a new business relationship takes time, and it is always a matter of trust.
You can start working with us without any risk.
We will be pleased to offer you a free trial translation.
Please contact Mónika Pados-Szabó by e-mail or telephone, or ask for a personalized quote.

Galloman Translation and Interpreting Agency
Mónika Pados-Szabó
Telephone: +36 20 529 2790