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Welcome to the website of Galloman, Hungary’s French-language specialist. This agency was founded to set new, higher standards of quality for business translations.

Most translation agencies try to work in as many languages as possible in order to capture as broad a clientèle as they can, thus exploiting the resulting economies of scale. In consequence, their translations are mainly carried out by linguists, with only limited contributions from professionals with experience in the relevant topics.

We believe that focusing on what we are really good at brings a noticeable difference in quality to a smaller—but more satisfied—clientèle.

In addition to the typical linguistic professionals, our team includes engineers, lawyers, economists, academics, and medical experts.

This choice of business model has been confirmed by our success so far, as well as by feedback from our clients. With our combination of French, English, and Hungarian, we hope that we will soon be able to contribute to effective, multi-language communication at your company, too.

Best regards,
Balázs Vaszkun
Managing Director

Regarding Galloman


The founding of the Galloman Translation and Interpreting Agency can be traced back to 2002. Our French-specialized agency’s aim has always been to help companies successfully grow in a foreign-language environment by providing Hungarian-French-English translation and interpretation.

Our founders come from business backgrounds (with experience in working with agencies), so they can exactly determine clients’ needs. A customer-centric approach has always been in the DNA of the Galloman team. We seek to create long-term collaborations based on mutual confidence and flexible, personalized service.

The qualifications of our translators and interpreters combine specialized fields like economics, technology, law, science, or medicine with their linguistic skills, and this gives our professional translation and interpretation services a solid foundation.

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Balázs Vaszkun

Managing Director

Rita Kiss

Project Manager and HR Specialist

Mónika Pados-Szabó

Client and Marketing Manager

Melinda Mathuriau

Regional Manager, responsible for relationships in France

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