Types of interpreting

While translation is undertaken in writing, interpreting is done verbally. The interpreter appears in person at the given event and converts speech from the source language into the target language, thereby playing a crucial role. One of the keys to success for a multilingual event is high-quality interpretation.

Galloman provides its clients with interpreters in a wide variety of fields in Hungary or abroad:

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We supply the most experienced interpreters for the various types of events in any combination of French, English, and/or Hungarian:
– Conferences (bi- or multi-lingual)
– Company training
– Workshops
– Business meetings
– Legal cases
– Visiting delegations
– Factory tours
– Audits
– Gala events

The Galloman Translation and Interpreting Agency can assist you in the following interpreting situations:

Bi- or multi-lingual conference interpreting
Two interpreters per language sit in a booth, listen to the presentations through headphones, and interpret what is said in real time. Interpretation happens simultaneously and thus takes no extra time; furthermore, unlimited access is provided to the interpretation via headphones.

Consecutive interpreting
This method is recommended for business negotiations. The interpreter sits next to the business partners and interprets what is said in longer or shorter sections (a few sentences or minutes).

Whispered interpreting
If only a few members of a larger group need an interpreter (for example, two or three people on a factory tour), then the most appropriate and cost-effective technique is chuchotage, whispered interpretation. The interpreter stays very close to the recipients and speaks quietly into their ears.

Mobile interpreting
If more than three persons on the move need interpreting services, the most suitable format is mobile interpreting. The big advantage here is mobility. In this case, the interpreter moves alongside the speaker and talks into a clip-on microphone. Listeners hear the interpretation through headphones, and everybody can move around without constraint.

the foundation of good quality



Galloman’s interpreters help our clients succeed with their expertise, professional experience, and thorough preparation before they carry out their assigned tasks. Profession is their passion, and passion is their profession. Our interpreters are punctual, flexible, reliable, and confidential about the information they encounter at or in preparation for events.


Constant Learning

Besides the experience they have gained both in Hungary and internationally, they constantly improve their skills so that their technical vocabulary is up-to-date. We supply the most experienced interpreter in the given field for every event, and we expect them to diligently prepare to work in that particular context by studying documents provided in advance by the client.


Our interpreting services can be ordered for a few hours, a whole day, a whole week, or a longer term, both in Hungary and abroad.

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