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So what is a cookie?

It is a small, text-containing text file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. Its purpose is for websites to keep track of your movements during your visit. For example, they may store information about certain links or pages you have clicked on, logged in with your username, or read from, months or even years ago.

There are several types of cookies and without them websites would not function as you normally would be used to see them function. Galloman Hungary Kft. websites also use cookies to ensure the best user experience is maintained and strive to use only the most necessary and useful cookies.

In accordance with the new regulations, we have listed the types of cookies used on this site, so you can decide whether to keep them, delete existing ones, or block them all.

What types of cookies can you encounter on the Galloman Hungary Kft. websites?

Cookies can be either valid only for the duration of the workflow or persistent, and we draw clear distinctions between first-party and third-party cookies.

In order to better understand the cookies we use and why we use them, please observe the terminology below.

Cookies valid at the time of your browsing session

Cookies that are valid during a browsing session allow you to be recognized when you visit a website, so that any changes or selections made on any given page can be remembered from page to page. These cookies allow you to navigate through many pages of a website quickly and easily without having to reidentify yourself or repeat processes on each page you visit. Cookies that are valid during a browsing session are temporary and will expire when you close your browser or when you leave the site.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are cookies that ‘permanently’ remain on your computer for a certain period of time after the browsing process is over, thus allowing user preferences or actions to be readily accessible at any time as well as during other subsequent visits to the site.

Cookies from the website operator

These are cookies coming from the operator of the website you are browsing.

Third-party cookies

Cookies can also be either first-party (internal) or third-party (external) cookies. Internal cookies are set by visited by you, while external cookies are set by someone else. Galloman Hungary Kft. only allows the placement of external cookies that have been approved in advance.

Google Analytics files are needed to monitor the page and provide information on how it is used. We use this information to generate statistics and to improve our portal. Google Analytics files anonymously store such information as the number of visitors to a page or the sub-pages viewed. These files are set up by Google Analytics. For more information, please visit: To disable Google Analytics tracking on all pages, visit:

The list of cookies used by Galloman Hungary Kft. at is laid out in Annex 1.

Accepting cookies

We only place cookies on your computer, phone or tablet with your consent. You can give this consent by clicking on the ‘Accept’ button in the cookie pop-up window. Should you choose to not allow cookies linked to our site placed on your computer, phone or tablet, the site is unlikely to function properly. Even if you initially consent to the use of cookies, you may at any time decide to disable and delete cookies in your web browser settings. However, please note that some of our services may not function properly without the use of cookies and that many features designed to facilitate your browsing experience will not be accessible.

Setting and clearing cookies

Should you choose to opt out of cookies, delete them from your browser’s cookie folder. You can also configure your browser to block cookies or display a warning message before storing a cookie. These settings are usually available within your browser’s ‘settings’ or ‘preferences’ menu points. For further questions, please visit the ‘All About Cookies’ website:

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Links to other sites

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Cookie policy modifications

Should the present policy change, its revised version shall be published on this site without notice. Last cookie policy updated on 26/02/2020.

Annex 1

Cookie type Source Target Expiry date How to disable it?
Cookies or tracking technologies used by service provider Orsiginal Bt. and other companies.
_ga analytics.js This cookie is used to distinguish users. 2 years You can enable or disable cookies by making changes to your browser settings. Since the options differ from browser to browser, visit your browser’s Help menu for more ample information.
_gat analytics.js This cookie throttles the request rate. 10 minutes You can enable or disable cookies by making changes to your browser settings. Since the options differ from browser to browser, visit your browser’s Help menu for more ample information.
cookiepolicy inline This cookie is stored if you accept the Cookie Policy. The value of the cookie is 1. 2 years You can enable or disable cookies by making changes to your browser settings. Since the options differ from browser to browser, visit your browser’s Help menu for more ample information.