Company history

The founding of the Galloman Translation and Interpreting Agency can be traced back to 2002. By providing Hungarian-French-English translation and interpretation services, the French-specialized agency’s aim is to help companies successfully grow in a foreign-language environment.

Our founders also come from business backgrounds (where they gained experience in working with agencies), thus they can exactly determine the need of clients. Thus a customer-driven attitude has become the DNA of the Galloman team. We seek to create long-term collaborations based on mutual confidence and personalized, flexible service.

Our translators and interpreters combine linguistic skills with qualifications in the areas of economics/technology/law/science/medicine, etc., and this creates a solid base for our professional translation and interpretation services.

Our values and guiding principles

The main expertise of Galloman is in French language and culture. We believe that cultural identity is a strength, and that it is our mission – as the French-specialized translation and interpreting agency in Hungary – to build a bridge between French and Hungarian culture and business with our professional services. Our goal is to create a world in which our clients from different countries and cultures can understand each other as if they spoke the same language. Ensuring seamless communication is the value we add.

One part of this involves determining the complex needs of our clients and providing fully customized service. Our motto is based on the same idea: understanding the business processes of our clients is the basis of our work. Therefore, we do not just translate words but communicate meanings.


Our team



Balázs Vaszkun

Managing Director

Founder, Managing Director. With a Ph.D. in Business administration from Corvinus University in 2012, Balázs has schooling and work experience in France and has travelled around most regions of France as a tourist. This experience led him to write a guidebook titled Tales from Paris in 2003. Since 2010, he has been the CEO of Galloman Translation and Interpreting Agency and also an enthusiastic member of the Association for the France Alumni.

Réka Gabányi

Project manager, translator and interpreter

After completing her Master’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting at ELTE, she participates in the Doctoral Programme in Translation Studies. She works as a lecturer in the Master’s Programme of Translation and Interpretation. She is a certified examiner for the DFP (Diplôme de Français Professionnel), accredited by the Chamber of Commerce of Ile de France Paris. She is a lover of the French language, having spent over 8 years in France. She joined Galloman in the fall of 2022, her energy make her one of the driving forces of the team.


Mónika Pados-Szabó

Client and Marketing Manager

She graduated from the College of Foreign Trade and then received a second degree from Corvinus University in International Relations, specializing in Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Studies. As a scholarship student, she lived and worked in Paris. She’s a big fan of French language and culture, and she oversees a Breton-Hungarian sister city relationship. She joined Galloman as a translator in 2014 and has supported the dedicated work of Balázs since 2019.


Melinda Mathuriau

Regional Manager, responsible for relationships in France

From the age of 10, she studied in the French school system, and she considers French culture as her own. She graduated from Eötvös Lóránd University with a degree in French Language and Literature. She has been living in France since 2014.

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